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     I have to confess from the start that I am writing under the pseudonym of March Phillips. This is to protect my loved ones from some of the things that I might post about here, as well as to keep them from whiting out my name from the family tree. Because some aspects of my story would be too hurtful if I were to divulge them, I may change a bit of those details (to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent), but the jist of the story will always be true. As one in my fifties (I can hardly believe it!), I have lived a lot of life with a ton of hurt, and this blog is a way that I feel I can use those things to help others who are walking the road I’m walking.


     This blog is also to chronicle a journey that the Lord is taking me on, and having recently been in the deepest valley of my entire life, there is no other way but up! This blog is not written with great authority, I don’t have all of the answers, and there is nothing definite about each of our sufferings. There are no “how-to’s”, or “steps-to’s”, or “don’t do’s” here – those are not bad, though. But – I’m just a simple mom who wants to reach out to comfort others in the ways that I’ve been comforted.


      My prayer as I timidly step out into sharing so much pain laced with hope is that YOU, dear reader, will come to learn, as I hope to learn, that you are Beloved and Treasured by Jesus Himself. I trust that on our journey together we will discover more of who God truly is, and see with new eyes how valued we are to Him. I invite you to discover eternal truths with me!




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